Importing Blender FBX into Unity (pictures)

Hi. Im trying to import my roads (which I made in Blender) into Unity.

The problem is, that when I import my .FBX into Unity, the textures are not correctly applied. I use the exact same textures for the roads in Blender. The roads are made out of multiple materials (materials are not mapped into a single image).

How can I make it look like it does in Blender?

As you can see, the materials are not correct in Unity. I could probably change the materials manually in Unity, but then I would have to do it every single time I update my .fbx file which would be way too time consuming. There must be an easier way.

Thanks in advance.


If you save your blender file inside your unity assets, then you don’t need to export the file as a FBX. When you save your 3d model, you can easily drag and drop your file inside your unity scene. It automatically
create materials for your textures/images.

You probaly didn’t wait 4 years for my answer… :slight_smile: