Importing Blender mesh to Unity

Hello, I’m trying to import some mesh to Unity, but it doesn’t seem to show up properly. Some faces/vertices are missing. I’ve made sure I didn’t have any duplicate vertices/faces and had no doubles. I’m also pretty sure that I did Object/Apply/Rotations, Scale, And transformations.

Here is my model in Blender:

And my model imported into Unity:

The shading also appears to be screwed up for some reason. Anyone else have this problem?

Change the normal generation in the import settings from import to calculate and play with the angle. Ideally, though, for the most control you’d use the edge split modifier in Blender to indicate all hard edges, since hard edges require split vertices.

You can either do what Eric said or what I found out is that it all depends on what you export it as. Sometimes a .FBX messes it up. Try to export it as a .OBJ or a .DAE. Hope this helps. :slight_smile: