Importing Blender Object Splits Mesh Into 4

Hi, so I have find a free car model off the internet (I am testing blend shapes before making my own in-detail car) and it was an obj file, so I imported it into Blender and fixed it up a little bit. I then used Blend Shapes or Blend Keys that covered a different part of the car that deforms it. I saved it as a Blender file and FBX file. In Unity I imported the files and made sure both had “import Blendshapes” on. Both version files of the car however were split into 4 meshes, because of this warning “Meshes may not have more than 65534 vertices or triangles at the moment.” Then it says the objects were split into 4. So what Unity did was it made a parent object called “Car” and put the 4 meshes underneath of it. Each mesh has a skinned mesh renderer, but no Blend Shapes are attached anywhere. The “Car” parent has no components attached to it. I have used Blend Shapes before, with a less complex object, so I know it should work this way too. I think the Blend Shapes may not be on the car now because the mesh split into 4, so if any body has any ideas such as how to force Unity to not split the meshes with a lot of the vertices, then let me know, thanks.

If anyone else is having this problem, what I did is manually split the mesh the way I wanted, I cut the car in half. The blend shapes were now, the only thing different now is when I am changing the value of the blend shape on the middle of the car, I must change the value of the same key on both side of the car because if I do not do this, then only one blend key will change so the car will look sliced through. Note in blender at the top it says how many vertices you have, so if less than 2x as many than cut it in half, 3x = cut into 3rds, etc.