Importing Character and Animations

So I made a simple character out of blocks with forward, backward, left, and right walking animations in Blender. I exported the whole character into Unity which put him in the project pane. It looks like this: alt text

Which brings me to my first problem, I click on the "player" and change the scale factor to 1 then down a little there are a bunch of options for animations. Inside "player" there is "Player_Rig" and "Default Take" which have the same exact options. Which ones should I fill out? I have 4 animations but in each list there aren't any listed. How do I add my animations in? I have never done this before so I need as much help as possible :). thanks


It’s ridiculous but this seems a very common problem, and quite obvious to experience, boot. I have almost the same issue, as in
make a blender 2.58 file and create two animations in it with proper vertex grouping for the armature, etc.
The two animations will be different and separate and properly named through the “Animations” set-up and the “actions editor”.
export the file as “fbx”
importing into unity the only animation that’s show is “Default Take”. I haven’t even moved forward to try and use it, since it’s obviously a fucked up import.

As a variant, if you select “ALL ACTIONS” when exporting to fxb, you’ll get your animations when you import into unity 3.3… but you’ll also get “Default Take”

It would be good to have one experienced blender/ unity developer explaining this.