Importing Cinema 4D joints to Unity?

Hi there,

I am using Cinema 4D R11 and Unity 2.6.

I have created a fairly low poly character and rigged it in C4D using joints, i have animated a simple walk cycle and then exported as FBX. However when opening the FBX into my Unity scene and playing the game the model is distorted and animation isnt correct.

I have read here: that it's because Unity apparently uses bones and doesn't convert the joints properly.... does anyone know if theres anyway that i can convert the joints to bones in c4D or any other solution other than re-rigging it? Normally i would just re-rig but i've got college deadlines creeping closer..

Thank you!

I had this problem twice out of a few hundred imports from C4D. Once my joints were not in the proper bind pose on frame 1 and the other I had a second copy of the rig in my assets folder. Once i pulled that out and reimported the troubled mesh it was fine. Another issue is if you use cylinders, oil tanks or anything with caps then make editable and Optimize to join overlapping points and make a watertight volume if you apply mesh colliders on import. Basically you can rig with C4D joints, save the C4D file to your mesh folder in Assets and when you open Unity there it is ready to use...