importing customized player

I created a customizable lobby which works well the parts or being added when i check the buttons, but i cant seem to get the customized robot in the game when i play, can any one help me?


Sorry For the trouble!!!

It is a game, so far it is working… IT has a game lobby, (you could test connection, customize robot, or create game)

Customize robot: takes you to another lobby where you starts of with a skeleton of the robot Prefab. here you may ad parts to your robot prefab which, is also the same player prefab when serve starts,

How can i save the the Robot Prefab that i customized so that i can use it as my player Robot Prefab when server starts?

@Marnix: I am making a robot multi player. you can customize your robot parts. next i need to know how to get the customized robot to work in game.

I hope that you understand my problem better now, i could use some help.

It is very good possible to load prefabs and models at runtime. Please have a look at this post: Dynamic Asset loading? - Unity Answers

It will tell you more about dynamic asset loading which are the keywords you’ll have to look for. If it is just a robot prefab, it is easy to load it, but you need to use the special Resources folder.

You can use the WWW-class and you can use the Resources-class. I can’t tell you how it’s done in one sentence, but as I instantiate a prefab, it looks as follows:

GameObject robotPrefab = (GameObject)Resources.Load("RobotPrefab");
GameObject robot = (GameObject)GameObject.Instantiate(robotPrefab);