Importing .fbx Character in Blender

I am new in blender. I have learned some basic funtion of blender .How to make simple shapes and how to animate…Now i have a character in .fbx formate but it has no animation.I want to animate it in Blender so that i can use it in Unity… but i don’t know how to import .fbx file in Blender.Any idea or suggestion.plz

Here you go my good man.

If your having trouble with it read the README file.

Edit: As the method I provided above no longer works, I had to find another way.
Luckily Autodesk has a standalone FBX converter and its FREE.
Converts between FBX, OBJ, DXF, and COLLADA.

cant be done… blender wont import .fbx files

apparently there are custom builds of blender that would do it but i wouldnt know how to track them down…