Importing FBX file generates multiple meshes and transforms in the imported asset

When I see/render my file in Max it looks perfectly fine. However, when I import the FBX, a multitude of sub-objects and meshes (named transform1..tranform230) appears under the hierarchy of the asset. It wouldn't be much of a problem if I could delete these, but I cannot. I am using the latest FBX plugin in MAX. Googling the subject I cannot find anyone with a similar problem; does anyone have a clue?

for(var r : Renderer in GetComponentsInChildren.())
r.enabled = false;

This gets all of the renderers on and beneath a particular object. That should do it for you…


This can can be happen due 2 main reasons:

  • When you export your fbx then you are
    not deleting history of the file so,
    delete history of the file and then
  • If you create group then before
    importing make sure you are removing
    unused groups.

unity IS pretty picky about history. So as the poster above said, delete all non deformer history ( an option in Maya so as not to delete animation/skinning) also be sure all object transforms are also frozen ( freeze transforms - another maya opotion but basically just resets them to 0,0,0. not the object just the numbers) also see if each object has pivot at 0,0,0) Sometimes , in maya, if I bind the mesh to a skeleton but the object has transforms on it, or if when the object is selected the manipulator handles show up centered on the object rather than at 0,0,0 , I get the same kind of funky imports