Importing .FBX with a lot of animations.

When I try to do that, Unity ‘thinks’ for a moment, then a little window saying ‘importing small assets’ appears, and then nothing happens, the window remains open. Unity seem to be doing nothing, like it’s frozen, but it keeps working.

Well, the FBX contains ~150 animations, is that the reason? ANd is there any way?

And another question. I tried to do it another way: Exported 2 FBX with different animations (stand and run), then imported them into unity.

/btw, I’m using UniRPG, for this question - it matters

Then From one .fbx I created a prefab (dragged it into scene and backwards into project), and made him idle and running animations in the corresponding section. But my character just won’t play running animation. And it shows no errors as well.