importing form solidworks


I am a Drafting and Design student but wish to experiment with video game development. I have Solidworks and would prefure to use it given that is what first, i have, and second I am most familiar with it. For those who don't know, Solidworks is the the leading competitor to Autodesk, makers of 3DS MAX and Maia. Now the funny thing that is giving me the problems is that when i save my solidworks file and try to import it into unity, everything on the surface seams fine. i put the file in the Assets folder for the project that im working on and the file shows up in the project panel but when i go to drag and drop the item into Unity work space it wont drop. i get a null symbol. so i tried using various alternate file extensions such as .stl .sat .3dxml and even the universal .u3d, all with the same result, unity sees these files and imports them but cant use them. i even downloaded Blender, which can use .stl files but when i try to open them it crashes, leading me to believe that its something wrong with SolidWorks exporter. If someone with a fresh idea could help me out id be grateful

Unity doesn't import any of those formats. You see it in the list, but it's really just a directory listing. If it were imported, you would be able to drop it.

Start by exporting your model in every different type of format it supports, assuming any of them are ones Unity can import. There's a list somewhere, but it includes .dae (collada), .blend (blender), FBX. There are OBJ importers available in the script wiki. If you find a common format, you may have to play with the exporter's options until you find any that work. Next try formats that go from SolidWorks to Blender (there are more of those). Short of that, and assuming Blender doesn't work, the next thing I'd do is try to fix Blender or get the Blender folks to fix it. Or try Polytrans, DeepExploration, or some of the universal translators on sourceforge. Good luck.



I know this is a very old question but I’m in the same spot right now. What I did was create a model in Solid Works, save it as STL format, then import it to Mesh Labs program. In Mesh Labs export it as. Obj model. Then you can drag and drop it in Unity.

Make sure you then drag and drop the model to a prefabs to actually place the model in-game.

For texture… Well that’s another story…

Hi I’m very new in Unity, I have a problem when I want to add cursor on my solidworks assembly. The assembly was exported from 3dsmax as fbx. file. When I did the same thing to a cube inside Unity, the cursor shows, so I think the problem is something with the assembly. Has anyone had the same problem or any ideas? Thanks a lot.