Importing from blender

Hi I have a lot of problems with importing my models from Blender into Unity3D v. 2.75. My problem is that no matter if I drag and drop into Unity assets folder, import Asset (Assets → Import New Assets) as fbx, or even the .blend file I still have the same problems. Here is a list of my problems:

a) Even though I have set all my animations in Blender, baked the animations, and then transfer the model + animations, it will not show the same animations in the preview screen in Unity3D (in fact it shows no animations). Example given is my fire dragon I have set up a walking, flying, and fire breathing animations. In unity it doesn’t even show up with those names or play at all.

b) The fire breathing that I’ve set up with Blender and the Quick Smoke techniques doesn’t transfer over to Blender, but the box used as the domain does show up. I need to know how to get rid of the domain in unity3d, but I still need to show the fire simulation as part of the animation. In unity it shows up as a grey square. I’m trying to add it as an animation to put into animation controller.

c) I’ve seen on many tutorials for unity3d about using Autodesk FBX exporter, and that is the best exporter to use for transferring between blender to Unity. However I don’t have Autodesk FBX on my unity platform, nor do I know how to install it or have access to it.

d) Finally once I do manage to import my model into Unity3D, the problem gets worse whenever I try to create a prefab of that imported item. For example, suppose I created a fire dragon in Blender with animations, import everything into Blender asset folder, create a prefab, create an empty game object, and write a script to instantiate. The animations that got imported into Blender in the asset folder do not show up after I’ve dragged and dropped the imported object into the new prefab. Which means that I probably can’t set up animations for any prefabs (dragons) that come on the screen.

Thanks for any and all help.


I’m not sure if this will help you or not but when exporting a model from blender it is best to export is as a .fbx file instead of a .blend file. Now before you export choose your destination folder which should be the assets folder for your project which is located in your documents folder. Now once that is settled make sure your characters rig matches the animations rig.

Well what I’m trying to say should be better explained through pictures:




In the first screen shot was of Blender and what I’m trying to achieve with animation and you will note that I labelled the animation “Fire Breathing” on the Dope Sheet and down below I need is the button for Baking in Smoking Cache. Any changes in the fire breathing animation must be updated and saved using Free Baking and Baking buttons. The second screen shot was of Unity and as you can see in the Animation tab the name “Fire Breathing” doesn’t show up and when you want to play it, nothing happens. In addition in the preview window of Unity shows a grey rectangle, which is the smoke domain from Blender. I need to know how to get rid of it.

P.S. sorry about the huge screen shots as I tried to minimize the pictures.

Delete the smoke domain in Blender. This will not work in Unity. As for animations, I have found it works well to just stash each animation to the NLA editor. Switch to the action editor mode for the dopesheet, then click stash.

Let me know if this helps :wink: