Importing from maya, textures gone

I'm trying to import maya files (.ma,.mb,.fbx) into unity and the models appear perfectly. But the textures that were on them are gone. When I open the maya file from unity, the textures are there, in maya. What do I need to do so my models can be imported with the textures? Thanks, in advance.

For Maya, you can check EmbeddMedia checkbox when you export FBX. In this case all models and textures will be automatically imported to the Unity. But the FBX file will weight more size.

I found an excellent way to do it with Unity 4.5.2. After I import the maya binary file (you can do this by placing it in the Asset directory using Windows Explorer) I then imported the texture into Unity (in this case it was just a jpeg) and then drag-n-drop the texture on the imported object. I was just trying stuff and it happened.

You need to place textures in the Unity project folder (read this about placement of texture files: Then generated materials should pick up the textures. Otherwise you can always assign textures manually.

You can also bake your textures onto the model by exporting a .fbm folder with your .fbx file. To do that, simply check the box for baking textures. The .fbm folder will have your associated textures in it and will link properly when you bring it into Unity. Hope this helps.


Hi Shawn,
I checked my Maya export settings and I can’t find anything about a .fbm or baking textures just baking animation :frowning: please help!


Hey, I had a similar issue with blender. I figured out that if I had blender generate smart UV’s for the model, then when i exported it as a .fbx file. i was able to apply textures onto my model.

Check embedd media while export to .fbx then automatically u get .fbm folder with all textures in that