Importing from Sketchup 8


I am new to unity, I am trying to import a google sketchup file. The procedure I am following is Unity->Assets-> Import new asset. When I import a Sketchup file (.skp) which is less than 8 mb, there is no problem. Unity imports smoothly.
But when I try to import a file which is greater than 8 mb unity gets stuck at “Importing small assets”. I have tried searching the forum specifically for sketchup file import but could not get a solution.
Is there a limit on .skp file size that can be imported?

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Have you attempted to export the model as another file format, I use mainly .FBX when importing models to unity without a problem.

@RonanSmithUK I do not have sketchup pro. I only get options to export as .dae or .kmz format.
Also, to add to my initial query, I think if number of vertex and faces is high or the drawing is intricate then also it doesn’t get imported into unity, gets stuck on “importing small assets”. The drawing I am trying to import is a warehouse with all the racking, shelving, pallets etc. I am not building a game. My aim is to get a VR experience for the warehouse drawing. Do you recommend an alternative way to import it?

The importing of .max or .maya o .skp files above a certain limit in Unity will give you error after a long time while trying to import assets. Hence, individual mesh objects are recommended to be imported in Unity. The .skp above 8 mb will have too many vertices and polygons in one mesh. Hence, just break down the objects and import. The importing of .skp files support in Unity has been recently added.

Simple solution is to break your sketchup scene in smaller 3d mesh objects and export individually. Each individual objects should not be of too much size. Once all imported just arrange the scene in Unity as you have created in sketchup.

“Summitgamesentertainment” is right, you should break up your model into separate sections for instance instead of one whole model, split it into: Warehouse_Building Warehouse_Racking Warehouse_Pallet, Warehouse_Shelving. This also helps when you come to make your game and realize that something is positioned wrong, instead of having to edit the whole sketch-up import, you can just move the model inside the editor, this also means that if you needed say, an extra shelve unit, you could just copy the prefab instead of modelling another. Also, I am assuming pallets in a warehouse move around, it would be best to create them as a separate object so that you are able to animate, move them on their own. Also remember to delete model faces that are not seen by the player, this will reduce the amount the game has to render, thus, increasing performance.