Importing Mac Build into Existing Project in v5.4.1

I have a project I started from scratch in v5.4.1 on my PC but now that it’s nearing completion I find that I can’t build a Mac version. I saw other posts from version 5.3 that indicated you had to select ‘Mac Build’ during the installation or project creation process (not sure about that one).

Bottom line is how do I add ‘Mac Build’ (or other platform build) capability at this stage or a project? … Is there a unitypackage I can import? Do I need to create a new project and import everything from the bad project in?

ThanX in advance for your support!

OK … after more researching and fiddling with the Build dialogs I accidentally stumbled on the answer. It appears that in version 5.4.1 this is now ‘Downloadable’ from within the Build dialog. That is, select ‘iOS Build’ and you get a button to ‘Download’ the needed installation file.

So, with a little creative thinking I changed ‘iOS’ in that link to ‘Mac’ and presto!

You would think that something as important as this wouldn’t be HIDDEN in Unity. Also considering that on a PC, the PC build is automatically installed but the Mac is not. Because PC is already there you don’t get any buttons to download Mad or Unix build installations. This is further compounded by the fact that these downloads don’t appear anywhere on the Unity site that I can find (e.g. a page listing all the supporting installation downloads for each version) … they are just files in a hidden folder in the cloud somewhere :frowning: