Importing Maya dynamics

Hi all,

I came across this post, regarding maya dynamics earlier on:

1) Physics-based, IK, procedural and animation. You can import these from Cinema4D/Maya as pure animation, you just need to bake the animation before exporting. Alternatively you can setup physics simulations in Unity and script any procedural controllers too. 2) Cloth. Unity 3.0 has support for it. Just watch some tutorial videos on it. 3) Fluid simulation. **As far as I remember Unity doesn't support that out of the box.

Hence the question: is there any other way to import fluids, fur, fire into unity?

can the required code be written (has it been written already perhaps?)



Sorry man, from what I recall, theres no way of bringing in fluids, fur, fire, from Maya into Unity... If there is a way, I'll gladly want to know.

Dunno about fluids, but here's a fur shader, and you can simulate fire using particles as shown here.

Theoretically, you could set up some sort of dynamic water using either particles or scripting.