Importing Maya models into unity without rotations.

My friend is making me some models in maya, but he made them facing the wrong way. To fix it he simply rotated them in maya. The problem is that when I import them in unity they store the fact that they are rotated instead of just importing at 0/0/0 rotation facing the right direction.

Does anyone know how to change the maya model to be facing a direction natively without storing it as rotated?

Sounds like your friend needs to use "Freeze Transformations" in Maya to zero out the models transforms.

You can rotate your Maya model every 90 degrees and keep saving/testing in Unity until the orientation is correct. That would be the quick way of doing...but if Freeze Transformations works, use that instead. The only problem I see with that, is if your model is animated, won't the Freeze Transform prevent your animation from playing?