Importing meshes with materials or assigning in unity

Hello everyone,
Just starting out with Unity and I’ve been experimenting with exporting from Blender over as an asset. So far I haven’t had a lot of luck during the import, in that I’ve only managed to grab the un-textured model and place it on my level. I had noticed however that you can assign materials within Unity.

Now, what I’m wondering, is what is the best practice when it comes to importing meshes? I mean, do you sort the materials and everything out in say, Blender, and then import as a whole, or is it best to import the basic skinned mesh and assign the texture within Unity?

I just don’t want to run the risk of a drawback in performance above anything else really.

Many thanks!

I don’t know about blender, but I guess the best way is to set everything up correctly in Blender, export it entirely, and adjusting if there is problem in Unity (usually, textures paths). The other way won’t have any difference in performance, but it’s going to waste your time and drive you crazy :stuck_out_tongue: