Importing NURBS animation from Maya

I’m trying to create very simple tank tracks in unity. I don’t need any physics, just a model and an animation. This is what I did so far: I made a circle shaped model in Maya (Image 1), applied a NURBS circle on it and deformed it so it looks like tank tracks (Image 2). Then I made an animation with twi keyframes where I animated the rotation of the base model on the Y axis. After that, in Maya the animation looks good, it moves like tracks, but I don’t know how to export it to Unity so I can control the animation with an Animation Controller. I tried to export it as an FBX file, but when I rotate the base model in Unity, it doesn’t follor the NORBS circle, it just simply rotates the whole model.

You can find the referenced screenshots here

If anyone could help me figure this out, I would appreciate it.

Besides using Megafiers asset in the store I don’t know another way to export mesh deformations following a path.

The simple method is to rig with bones, animate and export to Unity.