Importing .obj with textures from Blender

I’m going to be straight to the point here.

I have an object in Blender that is textured, materialed and UV mapped. Every time I import it into Unity, it is a gray mesh with no textures. I can’t add my textures to it in Unity because it is a single mesh and Unity seems to lack multi-material support.

I’m really just looking for the best way to import my mesh from blender to Unity and keep the texture. Here is a picture of the object in blender:

In Blender

And here it is in Unity:

In Unity

Any ideas?

I recommend not using the .obj export, but rather the .fbx export from blender. obj files from my experience merge all the mesh data into one object and don’t support texturing. I usually use the obj mode for transferring untextured models into Maya or Zbrush.

I’ve not had much problems with the fbx mode into unity. The textures work nicely (make sure you keep track of their directory, or at least reassign them in unity). fbx should come stock in blender. I think I had to use one of the newer versions of blender for the exporter to have the correct settings though. Sometimes the models are rotated strangely because blender’s coordinate system is different from unity, but it should autocorrect this.