Importing objects from Cinema4D looks terrible

HI everyone, new here, and I hope you can help me out with something.

I am running the latest personal version of Unity, and Cinema4D R12.
I am trying to import an object, exported as FBX within C4D, to a scene, a modified rectangular box, and I lose all the sharp corners of the object. In Cinema4D settings, blending of corners is controlled by the Phong tag (I can reduce the angle and make them super sharp), but I don’t see how to control that on Unity.

Here’s how the object looks rendered and on wireframe:
alt text

alt text

Here is me trying to let Unity triangulate on import. Still bad:
alt text

This is how I am trying to make it look:
alt text

What do you think I am doing wrong here? Is it related to the shader? I am afraid I haven’t gotten that far, I don’t even know how to make one without using the “materials” window on Unity.

Any help appreciated!

PS: I tried using Blender, really really tried,m but it was so confusing coming from C4D, I decided I rather spend my time learning Unity instead. So please do not suggest to use Blender. Not an option I want to take at this moment.

[EDIT] noticed that if I use standard Unity shapes, like a bunch of planes, I still don’t get a smooth, straight surface on them. Yes, corners are defined, but the texture isn’t smooth:

alt text

OK I found a partial answer, for the imported objects, kept messing with the import settings and then I realized my mistake.

Found a tutorial online that explains what I did:

Basically it was a normals issue.

That still doesn’t tell me how to make Unity-made objects be less smooth. In the last picture I posted above, it looks like every triangle forming that plane causes a bumpmap or something. Any help appreciated!