Importing own splatmap for terrain


I would like to ask, if anybody got an idea how to import my own splatmap? I used L3DT to create a heightmap and it also provides a splatmap for the different materials/textures on the terrain. Is there any way to import that one? Could not find any access to the terrain splatmap.

Thanks for help!

TerrainData td = sourceTerrain.terrainData;
SplatPrototype[] splats = td.splatPrototypes;
float[,,] alphamap = td.GetAlphamaps(0, 0, td.alphamapWidth, td.alphamapHeight);

alphaMap - weight coefficient of splats
splats - the Splat, where you can find, for example, splats[0..alphaLayers].texture - the filename of a splat texture.

td.SetHeights() - possibility of setting your own heightMap.