Importing rotation and translation animations from Maya 2011

There seems to be some confusion regarding Unity's support for non-bone based keyframe animation. Some people say yes, others say no. I found a few similar threads, but none were of any help for my particular problem. I am using Maya 2011 on Windows 7 64bit Enterprise with Unity Pro 3.2of4.

I have a mechanical animation that is animated using a combination of null groups, control curves, constraints, and one bend deformer. The 145 frame animation consists primarily of translations, with the bend deformer driving the curling/uncurling of one group. There are three different cycles included in my Maya file.

I know the bend deformation should be baked, as well as all expressions. Using the 2011.3.1 FBX Plug-in, I have selected to export my FBX with Animation enabled, quaternion interpolation mode set to Resample as Euler Interpolation, Bake Animation enabled with my frame range set at a step of 1, and Constraints enabled. I then export the FBX file to my Unity project directory. Once in Unity, I locate my model in the project and find an animation called Take 001.

Take 001 is set to Loop as the animation wrap mode, has the Start and End frames specified in the Inspector, and has Loop enabled. In the prefab, Unity can find the animation clip and has Play Automatically checked. I have tried to split the cycles into their respective frame ranges, and I've also tried just leaving the default clip as one cycle.

After all of this, my animations still will not play. I'm frustrated and don't want to re-rig and reanimate this using bones if there is another way.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Unity supports rigid animation.

Besides that hard to say anything - you should see your animation as long as you bake it. Can you share your file?