Importing small assets infinite

I just found out why this is happening, it is not hang, it is keep loading loading and loading
but it is loading something that over and over again like the log shown below
i’ve got 450 found result of the GUID from log and it is keep show 2 things :

  1. Updateing
  2. Multiple assets are overridden

Would someone could try me why and how could i stop this infinite loading ?
Unity Version : 5.6.2p4
Platform : macOS 10.12.6

=== Editor.log ===

Updating Assets/Editor/AdMob/SDK/GoogleMobileAds.framework/Versions/A/Headers/GADNativeCustomTemplateAd.h - GUID: 06883681e19214d79b0ad9d0e2ac8e8e…
----- Compute hash for Assets/Editor/AdMob/SDK/GoogleMobileAds.framework/Versions/A/Headers/GADNativeCustomTemplateAd.h.
done. [Time: 4.128306 ms]

Multiple assets are overridden to use the same GUID: 06883681e19214d79b0ad9d0e2ac8e8e

I came across with same problem and my solution is that uncheck “PlayerSettings/Other Settings/ Metal Editor Support” toggle from Windows.

BOMB. ANYONE could help ?

if you’re using admob, for us the issue was in assets/plugins/ios from there remove the googleMobileAds framework and it should work.

Hi everyone, i fund a miracle solution about this bug
i espect this will work for you as for me, and that will help unity to correct the problem…

when this happens,

  • open photoshop
  • open explorer
  • drag an image to photoshop
  • go back to unity and it should focus again to it.