Importing smooth models from maya ????

Hey am trying to import mb or fbx .......... but the smoothness of the model does not appear in unity ...... by smoothness i mean : i create a cube in maya for example then press number 3 on keyboard to make it smooth without adding too much polygons ... then save it as mb or export it as fbx . in unity it appears not smooth (like you press 1 in maya ) ...................... so please Help ...... :)

he's right with the smooth preview, it's decieving as you can use this view to model. smooth normals is what you want and you'll find it in the polygon menu set under the heading normals.

select your model then goto Normals > soften edge.
next step is to add the normal maps to your model and pretty soon you’ll get that ‘press 3’ look.

Pushing 3 in Maya is just a smooth preview... It doesn't REALLY smooth it... Pushing 1 shows the actual polys or what you see in Unity...

Just going off what I've read on some forums.

So, you'll have to manually smooth it in Maya... If it was 3DS Max, I could help more, but it's not Unity's fault, it's Maya.

Good luck!

I had the same problem - on maya select your mesh, under polygons menu go to Mesh-Smooth then set your divisions. then save you file

hope this helps