Importing Terrain from blender advice.

Hello. I’m creating a level with a floating terrain. Like a huge floating island. Was curious if I could get some advice on how I should go about getting it in unity, or if i could make it in unity.
It’s a bit of a free roaming game so i’d like for the player to be able to soar up and around the island. Mainly curious if there was a way i could find a way to let me use the tools, or if i should do all the terrain painting and things like grass and trees in blender and how i would go about bringing that over into unity.

Thanks for the help. ^.^

Unity supports importing .blend files. If for some reason that doesn’t work properly or you want to separate individual objects, you can export to FBX and in export settings tick the Selected Objects box. Import the FBX files into Unity. If your materials don’t transfer over successfully, the uv mapping should be transferred so you should be able to just make a new material in Unity.