Importing textures from 3DS Max

I've just tried to load a 3DS Max scene containing two very simple objects that will be used in the game. I've applied a texture to both. Unfortunately the textures are not being loaded into Unity when I import the .max scene file. Instead, all I get is the base colour. There is no texture mapping displayed.

How do I correctly import max files so that the full textures of the objects are also displayed in Unity?

There are two main approaches when importing objects with textures from 3dsmax:

  1. You can save your max file outside Assets folder and then export the scene to .fbx format and in the export options check the option 'embed media' - this will add textures to the .fbx file.

  2. Save the max file inside Assets folder, but before re-import in Unity will take place, export the textures from your scene using this tool or put them manually - next to your .max file or into Textures folder.

Comment: hen using the 1st method it takes Unity less time to re-import while using the second method is more intuitive and takes less time to find the asset files you'd like to edit.

From personal point of view I'm using the 1st one when I need to do a test scene or something really quick, but when I'm putting a game together or something which other people will edit too I choose the 2nd solution.


Check that the path is the same if you created the scene in a different directory than the Assets folder. Generally the texture directory path remains the same until you have made a different connection in Unity.

I think you have to place your texture in Assets folder somewhere in Textures subfolder next to your mesh. Double check the documentation here: