Importing U3DXT causes errors in Monodevelop

How do I get these errors in Monodevelop fixed? They show up after I import the U3DXT package. In Unity 4.5 I get two of the errors, in 4.6 I get three of them.

This screws up autocomplete in Monodevelop, and I have to double-click scripts in Unity to open them as Monodevelop doesn’t list the files after importing U3DXT
Do I need to wait for an update to U3DXT or can you tell me how to fix these?

4.5 errors:

4.6 error32139-u3dxterrors4.6.pngs:

OK - I found a solution. For some reason, having a space before a folder name, and having an “&” in a folder name caused Monodevelop to have problems loading.

I quit Unity3D and Monodevelop, found the folders with spaces in front of their names and removed the space, and removed the “&” in another folder name.

I Restarted Unity3D, opened the project. I selected the scripts folder, and the U3DXT folder, Selected “Reimport.”

I quit Unity3D again, restarted it. Doubled clicked a script and Monodevelop opened without a problem.

I don’t know why this started now, since I’ve had those folders that way for ages, but Monodevelop is working properly and loading all the files the way it should now.