(Impotant) Bug in animator unity2020.3.31f1

In animator when an i make a transition after that when i try to make another transition it no longer says to make tranition else when right clicked it says Create State and stuff like when i click on the background.
please fix this we can no longer work on any projects.

2. IF you want to recreate it:
Create a project then take a charecter and 3 animations anim1,anim2,anim3 then create a animation controler and
open and it drag those three animations then make transition with anim1(default animation) to anim2 and then make transition with anim2 to anim1 then try to make transition with anim1 to anim3 you can see the problem.

I have the same problem! Fix this NOW Unity

I had the exact same issue where every state was pretty much stuck and doesn’t move/ cannot make transitions.

The way I fixed it was going back to unity hub and downgrading back to the previous version that worked for me, which was 2020.3.30f1

Gyus look they have saw this question and posted it but didn’t even solved it in 2020.3.32f1

Although this really unacceptable in an LTS version (I’m using 2020.3.32f1), one workaround I found was in the animator putting the inspector into debug mode. For some reason after that one is able to make transitions again (i.e. the states seem to function properly again).