Improve pixel art rendering with perspective camera

I have some pixel art that I’m using with a perspective camera. I am not aiming for pixel perfection, but I want to get the pixel art as stable as possible. The sprites sparkle and distort as the camera moves around. Here’s a video demo of what it looks like (pay special attention to the tileset as the camera moves): Pixel Art w/ Perspective camera - YouTube

I know that it’s possible to get the sprites to look a lot more stable, as demonstrated by this trailer for The Last Night, which is being developed in Unity: The Last Night on Xbox One - 4K Trailer - YouTube

Any pushes in the right direction would be much appreciated.

The size of the pixels are going to change with a perspective camera. You need to have your pixel art rendered by an orthographic camera. You can then use a second camera, which is perspective, to render your 3D assets.

If you really want to use a perspective camera, then can you show the dimensions of the assets you’re using here?