Improve the Jerkiness in Dual Touch Controls for Android

I am making a sniping game and for touch controls iam using the standard asset of dual touch controls implemented on standard asset of First Person Controller Prefab. the only one teething problem iam facing is that whenever i rotate the first person camera in any direction iam unable to make a smooth transition. the camera always gives a little jerk whenever i try to focus on a specific moving target, as a result i have to do certain small adjustments again and again till iam able to focus on the target. Does anyone else has faced such similar problem and is there any script present which may be able to help me make my gameplay smooth for an anrdoid game ? Or is my best option to build my own custom controller ?

Have you found already an answer ? bro, cuz i’ve the same problem and i’m stuck at there for months.
Any help would be appriciated.