Improved File Browser - no action


I’m trying to use the ImprovedFileBrowser from the wiki ( But when the window pops up, I see the current dir but can’t select or choose any files/directories :/? The GUISkin “List Item” is pretty default. Maybe my implementation is wrong??


void OnGUI()
	if (GUI.Button (new Rect (20,130,180,20), "Button"))


		m_fileBrowser = new FileBrowser(new Rect(200, 100, 600, 500), "filebrowser", FileSelectedCallback);

		m_fileBrowser.SelectionPattern = "*.xml";

		m_fileBrowser.DirectoryImage = m_directoryImage;

		m_fileBrowser.FileImage = m_fileImage;


	if(m_fileBrowser != null)

	{ = CustomGUISkin;

		m_fileBrowser.OnGUI(); = null;


private void FileSelectedCallback(string path)


	m_fileBrowser = null;

	m_textPath = path;


Ok I found the problem… Theres some kind of Problem with MAC and Win, the answer is here: