Improving playback performance for standalone

Trying to improve playback performance for a standalone application.

I’ve removed any realtime reflection probes, and have only a single realtime directional light.

Looking for further ways to optimize playback

  1. Will removing compression on textures and meshes have any impact on playback?

  2. What about realtime resolution? My undertsanding is that the higher the resolution , the more latency. Does that mean higher resolutions will impact (apparent) performance?

Any other suggestions?

Use the profiler to find areas to optimize.

To improve performance, you need tools to understand which areas of your application actually is the main bottleneck. The profiler is one such tool.

After you have identified what your bottleneck is, then you can deal with that bottleneck.

Repeat until performance becomes acceptable or until you cannot easily optimize further.

It’s pointless to give advice on graphics optimization, if your bottleneck is script or physics related, for instance.