Improving raycast accuracy--hitting specific x & y

I would like to cast a ray through very specific x and y coordinates–those at the center of a gameobject. However, the ray never hits those coordinates; it passes through a point slightly further along x axis in the positive direction. Is there a way to ensure that the ray hits its target?

I’m working with the code below, which is meant to cast a ray from “above” the gameobject on the Z axis through the gameobject’s center. The amount by which it misses the center along the x-axis varies, although it usually gets larger as the method is called repeatedly.

I’m not sure whether I’ve fallen into a trap with regard to the accuracy of floating-point numbers, run into a limitation on raycasting, or if I’m just plain doing something incorrectly. Any help in getting this ray to hit more accurately is much appreciated.

public string reportEntrance()
		Vector3 origin = new Vector3 (transform.position.x, transform.position.y, 10.0f);
		Vector3 direction = transform.forward;
		RaycastHit[] hits;
		hits = Physics.RaycastAll(origin, direction);

		for (int i = 0; i < hits.Length; i++)
			//Do something
		return //A debugging string

I am not entirely sure what are you trying to achieve here, but passing a ray through an objects center from above it is relatively easy.

// In order to detect a hit,just for insurance make sure that the ray will be casted slightly  from above the object with this offset.
private float originOffset = 0.01f;

private void Update()
    Bounds bounds = renderer.bounds;
    Vector3 origin = new Vector3(, + bounds.extents.y + originOffset,; ;

    RaycastHit hit;
    Physics.Raycast(origin, transform.up * -1, out hit);

The code passes a ray from above the object through it’s center. I am not entirely sure why are you asking for accuracy exactly for this kind of problem because the ray will always hit from above and pass through the center of the object. Maybe you are trying to achieve something else, but i think the script is the answers to your question.