IMU disconnect when changing scene


I’m using an Imu to get head movement for a VR application in Unity. However, the imu disconnect between scene. If I unplug and plug it again (by USB), it connects again when changing at the next scene. I get no error, it’s just the imu that disconnect without any reason. Do you have any idea what exactly happens ?

Thank you for your help.

Well I figured out what was the problem and I post the solution in case someone get the same issue.
Actually, when changing scene, I tried to connect the imu again which is not supported (the IMU plugin use a “connect()” function). Thus, in this plugin, I just managed to connect to all imu only at the start of the game. It’s not the ideal solution as it would be nice to plug new imu during game. Maybe I should check in details the “connect()” function and avoid to reconnect imu that are already connected.

I hope this answer will be helpful for other people with the same problem.