(IN-58068) - Touch input remains active after pinch gesture has ended

If you hold a pinch gesture with one hand, and quickly tap/pinch with the other hand Touch.activeTouches sometimes maintain ended inputs. I have only tested this on device, but it might also be possible to make happen in the simulator.

I have posted a bug here: IN-58068

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 08.46.05

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Thanks for reporting! We’ll try and replicate this issue on our end and come up with a fix.

In case this helps, if tracking is lost on the hand the touch input may not receive an end touch event.

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I am able to replicate the issue and am working on a fix. One thing I noticed is that the platform seems to wait a decent amount of time (say 3 seconds or so) before deciding the interaction is “Canceled” when I put my hand behind my back. Once it hits this canceled state, I’m not able to get activeTouches.Count to go greater than 2, but in that awkward in-between I am able to get some “stuck” touches by rapidly pinching with my other hand.

Can you let me know whether you are able to get “stuck” touches after the initial interaction is in the Canceled state?

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I have the same problem on my side. When I hold the pinch with the first hand and pinch with the second hand, the VisionOSSpatialPointerPhase state of the second hand is stuck on “Moved”. I then have to release the pinch on both hands to reset the states.


I just saw a similar report in another thread. I’ll take a look at this today.