(IN-58702) Unable to Change Material Color through Animation

Hello! I’ve encountered an issue where I can’t change the color through animation.
I can confirm the color changes in the Scene view, but I cannot observe the color changing in the Game view. Of course, the color also doesn’t change in the Xcode Simulator.

I have submitted this as a bug report (IN-58702). Is this a bug?

Yes; this is an issue we’re aware of. Thanks for the bug report!

I realized it’s not a great solution, but you may be able to work around this by setting some other property of the material to a new value every frame that the animation affects it. The issue is that the animation system isn’t setting the “dirty” flag on the material, so setting it in some other way should force the changes to transfer.

Thank you for your response!

The method mentioned above might not work well :sob:
Here’s what I tried:
・Calling Renderer.material.SetXXX from the script
・Calling PolySpatialShaderGlobals.SetXXX from the script
・Frequently updating many properties through animation.

This issue is not critical for us, so we will wait until it is fixed!
Thank you in advance for the correction!