(IN-59257) Fully immersive apps render with aliasing, even with multi-sampling enabled

Hi, we have a fully immersive app (using the legacy Metal rendering backend), and we see aliasing on geometry when running on device. We have 4x multi-sampling enabled in Quality settings, but it does not appear to render with multi-sampling on device.

Here’s a screenshot from the editor:

And on device:

(You can ignore the color differences seen above, I have a separate thread about that, due to issues rendering in gamma colorspace on device)

Is there a way to get anti-aliasing when running on device? Thanks!

I ran into this as well today. Here’s what I found from another thread:

Thanks for some insight on what’s going on here. To make sure this is addressed for folks like us that are fully immersive (i.e. using the Metal rendering backend) AND using the built-in render pipeline (i.e NOT URP), I created a simple repro project in the following Unity bug:

Hello, are the any updates on when this would be fixed in the PolySpatial plugin?

I’ll second that, as the current state of fully immersive rendering using URP and Metal is quite terrible, to be frank. :face_with_peeking_eye: :joy:

I guess that implementing dynamic foveated rendering in Unity is not an option since even Unity (as we) don’t have access to eye tracking?

Any updates on this? We’d like to analyze performance with our target visual fidelity (i.e at full display resolution/anti-aliasing settings), and this holds back that process. There is a repro project available associated with bug IN-59257…

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