IN-60565 Fully immersive apps always emit audio from grey window and mutes when window is dismissed

It looks like fully immersive app audio always sounds like its emitting (in 3d) from the grey window that appears when you first launch the app. We’ve been told it’s harmless to dismiss this window for now (since it’s not supposed to be there), but when you dismiss it, all audio from the app mutes. I don’t think it’s possible to get audio to return once the window is dismissed. This means we have to leave the window blocking the experience if we want to hear audio, which is a bummer. I have submitted a bug for this, see IN-60565.

From other posts on the forums, its seems this happens with Unity’s built-in audio as well as WWise. I can also confirm it happens with FMOD as well.

Beyond just fixing the audio muting issue, we’re concerned we will be unable to create spatial 3D audio for individual emitters like we’re used to. Will this possible once the bug where it emits from the window is fixed?

Idk if this will work for you/FMOD, but after dismissing the loading window I can bring back audio (this time fully diotic/2d) by bringing down the control widget (the little down arrow that always floats and steals input if you glance at it) and dismissing it again.

oh interesting! Unfortunately, that workaround doesn’t help with FMOD as far as I can tell. But an interesting clue about what’s going on tho…

Any update on this issue? This is making it hard test our experience (either you have a window blocking the experience or no audio) and impossible to work on 3D spatialized audio.

I have created an easy repro project for this using the built-in audio system in Unity (also added this to bug IN-60565):

Simply run and note how the audio emits from the grey window. Then dismiss the window and audio is gone for good. Any help is much appreciated!