[IN-64008] Game renders from weird view after returning from background

I have reported an issue where the game gets rendered from a strange point of view (looks like it’s rendering from 0,0,0 and looking straight down) when returning to the game after it has been in the background.

I started up this app then look away and open another app. After about 1 minute I look back at the app and for about 1 second observe the strange point of view before it starts rendering normally again.

So normally the app looks like this (a cube with different colors for faces)
Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 16.28.20
Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 16.28.32

And then returning to the app it looks like this for about 1 second:

As you can see the purple quad being rendered fully (which is on the bottom) it appears that the cube is being rendered from inside (0,0,0).

We get the same thing. I assume it’s a left over from iOS which renders a still image from the camera when the app is suspended. I think there is a setting somewhere to disable it.