In a 2D game development- can the character asset can be made from Maya?

Hi there,

I am under development to create a very flat cartoony toon shader texture for a 3D indie game.

I am very curious if at all, if I was making a 2D game instead, can my characters asset can be created from Maya instead of Photoshop? I thought about the latest Aztez game, and though it is said to be a 2D game, the character rig, animation and visual looks like it was made in 3D space and imply in a 2D visual representation. I am having big cause with toon shading in Unity, and to me, it seem like you need a good knowledge of coding in order to imply a flat cartoony toon shader on a game object in 3D.

This would be very helpful indeed if anyone can answer this.

Many Thanks,

Daniel :slight_smile:

Being pedantic, all games are 2d - it’s up to you to determine how to represent moving around in the virtual 3d space. Yes, there are plenty of “2d” games which use 3d models but the camera movement is fixed on one axis, so they are always only viewed from one side.

You can do pretty much anything. You’ll just put your 3D model and have it work in X and Y. Just rotate the camera 90 degrees and have the projection as isometric instead of perspective.