In app purchase Soomla

Hello,in my game i’m using soomla to purchase items.I need to know how to buy item by clicking on button that I created in scene not by button in muffinrush.cs that comming with soomla backage.I mean that i want to create button and when user click on it payment process starts without using button that coming with soomla. please help


I believe you got an answer from this thread on the SOOMLA Answers forum:

I think that the Muffin Rush example that comes with the package can easily be deducted to your own game. If you want another excellent (paid) resource, I highly recommend the SOOMLA Template made by Spartonix. This is a fully blown template that has all features of SOOMLA Store & SOOMLA Profile implemented.

On that note, I assume you’ll need social network integration in your game - check out SOOMLA Profile as well. It allows you to connect users with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and to perform social actions (like, share, upload image etc.) with a single unified API.