In-App-Purchasing with Soomla problem

Hi there,

I am trying to implement an inApp purchasing system into my game but it is not working.
I watched the videos on youtube and compared my code to the example project.

my problem:
the example object “no ads” works fine, but all the others don’t. (lists only have the example object)
they are simply not returned in the get function…

here is the code for the nonconsumables:

public static string NO_ADS_NONCONS_PRODUCT_ID = "android.test.purchased";
        public static string Hat_NONCONS_PRODUCT_ID = "test_object_001";

        public static NonConsumableItem NO_ADS_NONCONS = new NonConsumableItem(
            "No Ads",
            "Test Purchase",
            new PurchaseWithMarket ( new MarketItem(NO_ADS_NONCONS_PRODUCT_ID, MarketItem.Consumable.NONCONSUMABLE, 0.99))

        public static NonConsumableItem Hat_NONCONS = new NonConsumableItem(
            "Test Purchase",
            new PurchaseWithMarket(new MarketItem(Hat_NONCONS_PRODUCT_ID, MarketItem.Consumable.NONCONSUMABLE, 0.99))

        public NonConsumableItem[] GetNonConsumableItems()
            return new NonConsumableItem[] { NO_ADS_NONCONS, Hat_NONCONS };

the strange thing is, that GetNonConsumableItems() returns an array of length 1.
I already used a lot of different IDs for testing.

get the full code + screenshot: here

thanks for your help!

Just a note: the NonConsumable objects have been removed from the framework. Use LifetimeVG with a PurchaseWithMarket purchase type to achieve the same effect of goods such as “Remove Ads”.

Also, the Soomla in-app purchase plugin is now freely available on the Unity Asset Store:

Okey, it looks like you have to uninstall and reinstall the game each time you add content!

I will keep this Question here for coming generations :wink:

I solved it.
Conclusion : After updating a goods in code, in in-app interface, We have to update version(increment by 1 in code). I did that.