In Assets store, what is a top down environment?

In Assets store, what is a top down environment? If I buy the environment, can I change the camera so I can make it like a first person shooter with the camera on the ground at eye level?

I’ve never heard of an official “top down environment.” I mean, they exist, but they can be made a few ways. The issue is probably textured-planes vs. models.

Something made for “no-perspective top-down” might be made with sprites – flat pictures with the shadows drawn in. Obviously, looking at those from different angles is pointless – like walking around a painting. Even the ones you can rotate, often that’s done with 2 or 4 sprites.

Something using a 3D model can be walked around. But, if it’s a 3D model made for top-viewing, it still might be missing parts. Like no back half, or very low detail on the sides.

Thanks for the reply Owen, I was looking at a “top down” graveyard, and wishing I could move the camera down to the ground, but the demo only allowed navigation above the scene. I think your probably right, the detail would not be there on any give object if the camera got too close.