In Code Changing Rotation; Chances the scaling to 0.999999

When in code we change the rotation of the camera to x=30, y=45 and z=0 isometric camera
it changes the scale to X = 0.9999999 y = 0.9999999 and z stays at 1.

Why does this happen?

How do we fix it?

Does it matter: will it screw up the graphics or anything else?

Seems to us to introduce artifacts!

thanks all,

Tried finding post with 0.9999999 but only found one and it was his own graphics messing it up.

thanks again…

Floating-point precision issues, you will find this with most any engine or anything that uses floating point, they are typically not 100% accurate.

wikipedia float point article.

You will find in the first sentence, “approximation”.

Here is a pretty nice explanation of this: