In endless runner like games, for platform generation which of the following option is better : Terrain or Other game objects like cube or plane etc.

Which option we should choose for generating platforms in such kind of games , Terrain or other game objects ? What is the reason behind choosing the preferred one ? Are there any performance issue or memory limitation over using one to another , if yes ? why?

Personally I’d use mesh objects, you can create and destroy game objects like that easily. I have never heard of anyone create and destroy terrain mesh in any game.

Terrain is only really useful for creating environments like worlds.
Objects/Meshes can create everything and anything in a game world, you aren’t limited to cubes or planes either, you can easily use SketchUp, Blender or other FREE 3D modelling software applications to create your own objects to build a level from.

As from a performance standpoint; they are potentially both the same: 1. Terrain mesh can slow down a game if its heavily sculpted 2. lots of objects/meshes can also cause the game to slow.

Conclusion; use Objects not terrain.