In Game Animation

How do I make in game animation… I would like to do this in my game… Do I need to script it? If so can you help on this… Or can it just be done in the program? Oh and I know I’m gonna need a code to make it so it goes off when something happens… So my first one I want it to go off as soon as the scene starts.


There’s a 1 and a half minute video which shows how to very quickly make an animation using Unity’s built in editor. If you have a bit of experience with keyframe animating then you will instantly understand it.

Then use Blender or Something for Animation and Then import the required animation in unity or Go For unity4 it is having Mecanim animation system inbuilt…And use Animation.Play which able to play the animation as well as stop any other animation applied to the same…For more info refer -------> go to help unity scriptreference…to;

link text this link for Syntax reference Enjoy

  Hope this will work for you......