In-game asset creation resolution

I am currently working on an open-world game project and I’m wondering what resolution I should be making certain game assets in. I am currently creating designs in photoshop for in-game billboards, business signs, posters (posters on you wall at home, wanted posters, etc), you name it, and I’m not sure what resolution I should be making these at. Also, I assume I should be making these at 300 dpi as well? Thanks!

Hi so from what I know about importing art assets into unity it’s not so much what resolution you need so much as what you want. If you think you scene needs really high dpi Assets that’s fine it’s just what you prefer. What’s more important is that you match your dpi setting in unity. When you import it you’l get tons of options one of which will be “Pixels per inch” or something like that. If you don’t match this assets can look blurry or grainy.