In game clock/Time

Hey guys, I am thinking of adding an In-Game-Clock to my game but do not know how.
what I am looking to achieve is this:

alt text

But located on the players screen like a Game HUD.

And I want it to be able to change game time e.g 1 min later clock changes…
it may be complex but all help would be grateful!

Thank you -Izzy

Create an empty game object, put a GUI Text on it and choose the font you want, If you don’t have that font download it from

Then add the below script, you will need to edit it to your requirements, the below will print the hours minutes and seconds on screen, you can add the day, month and year, plus position it where you want, hope that helps you out.

#pragma strict

private var dt = Date();

function Update () {

var day = dt.Now.Day;
var month = dt.Now.Month;
var year = dt.Now.Year;
var hours = dt.Now.Hour;
var minutes = dt.Now.Minute;
var seconds = dt.Now.Second;

guiText.text = hours + " " + minutes + " " + seconds;