in-game code editor

Hi guys
![I need use a code editor like a notpad++ , sublime or something like that][1] .
In fact I need the letters to be colored as in the editors, as if the user could code something inside the game.
I do not necessarily need it to compile, but only that it identify the syntax and change the color of the words.
Language that I intend to use in these texts would be c ++.
Do you know anything about doing this?

Like this but in my scene.

It would very likely be a huge uphill battle trying to add in-game C++ coding/compilation to Unity.

The closest thing I have found is a C#-like implementation of in-game coding/compilation.

It’s called MiniScript, here’s a link to it on the asset store.

Check out what Der_Kevin was able to achieve using MiniScript (and a lot of well-written UI/scripts).

He wrote a blog post about the process of creating that, here.

This is probably close to what you’re looking for. Good luck @MikeMaws