In-game computer web browser?

Is it possible to have a web browser inside the project and on a object. For example, you have a computer modeled and imported. Can you make the computer screen output a webpage so it looks like you are browsing the web in the game? Making a mouse and input can be programmed, but more important for me is if you can interact with it also. If so, that would be awesome!

Sure, it’s possible. Depends on how much time you’re willing to devote to that and whether it’s really worth it, compared to how easy it would be to just switch between a few textures. About the only thing it’s not possible to make is a program that will output the right answers if you put in the wrong figures.

But I will go out on a limb and say no, you don’t have the programming ability to make a functional, HTML-5 compliant browser inside Unity, and that even if you did your time would be better spent elsewhere.